Are people dying from the heat? Hot weather should not be underestimated


Summer is a love-it-or-hate-it season, and for those who are afraid of the heat, the summer heat can be uncomfortable. However, high temperatures can be more than just hot and dry, and many people die every year because of the heat. Heatstroke is categorized into aura heatstroke, mild heatstroke and severe heatstroke, severe heatstroke is a fatal disease, medically known as pyrexia. Now that the summer heat is back in many areas, this article will talk about pyrexia to help readers get through the summer in good health.

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Classic pyrexia is caused when a person is exposed to hot, hot temperatures for an extended period. For example, there are some real-life examples of elderly people suffering from classic pyrexia when they were in a house without air conditioning. And there are examples of careless parents who accidentally forget their children in a closed car during the summer months, leading to tragedies, all of which fall under the category of classic heat stroke.

There are also hot work labourers, because of work and other needs, have to labour in the hot outdoors, and even some young people love to participate in outdoor music festivals or parties, in the high humidity environment is more susceptible to morbidity, alcohol or drug abuse can exacerbate metabolic reactions, at this time, such people are also prone to pyrexia.

To ensure your health and the health of those around you, it is important to take prompt action if you notice someone experiencing any of the following symptoms during the summer months.

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Someone suddenly becomes impaired in judgment, disorganized in their speech, behaves strangely, becomes addicted to sleep, and may have hand tremors, convulsions, or even fall into a coma. Some Warriors may precede these symptoms with precursors like dizziness, headaches, and mood swings for minutes, hours, or even days.

For classic pyrexia, the following precautions are available:

1. Appropriate clothing: Wearing loose, breathable clothing can help dissipate body heat and reduce heat stress. Choose lightweight clothing. A sun hat is also a good choice.

2. Stay cool: Stay in air-conditioned rooms or use fans to help with ventilation. Avoid exposure to hot sunlight and reduce outdoor activities. 3.

3. Rationalize activities: Reduce exertion and avoid overwork. Especially the elderly and the physically weak need extra attention.

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4. Care for the elderly: Family members, neighbours and social workers can care for and visit the elderly regularly to understand their health conditions and ensure that they are adapted to the hot environment.

Reasonable hydration: As sweating leads to salt loss, replenish about one litre of ordinary drinking water every hour and consume salt-containing food such as squash to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body.

Physical examination and rest: If you feel unwell, depressed or sleep deprived before starting work, reduce the intensity of work or take a rest at the right time to ensure that your body is fully adjusted and recovered.

If strange localized signs appear, don't worry! It may not be heat stroke and there are other possibilities, such as the patient just having heat stroke, take action to ensure everyone's health and safety! Remember, prompt detection and quick response is always key!