Are you still wearing headphones at all times? Be careful it steals your hearing!


You're used to wearing headphones on the way to work, at the gym, or at home, but you need to be careful when wearing headphones! Headphones are a thief, and they don't just steal your hearing! 1.1 billion teenagers are at risk of hearing damage due to unsafe use of smartphones and headphones. Many young people have sudden deafness and it is becoming more and more common in modern society. To use headphones properly and protect your hearing, here are some tips:

Choose the right type of headphones: If you must wear headphones, try to choose headphones rather than inline headphones. Try to choose handsome headphones, they can better isolate noise and give you clearer music enjoyment. Control the volume, don't turn it up to the max just for the shock effect, be careful your ears will be scared to death! When wearing headphones, make sure the volume does not exceed 60% of the maximum volume. Don't exceed this safe range in pursuit of musical effects. Your hearing may be declining without you realizing it, due to damage to your ears from being in loud environments for long periods of time.

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Don't be too greedy in enjoying music! Don't wear headphones for a long time. If you have been wearing headphones for more than an hour, remember to take them off in time to give your ears a break. Giving your ears sufficient rest time can reduce the pressure on your hearing.

When using headphones, try to avoid noisy environments. If there is a lot of noise around, people tend to turn up the volume, which can be even more damaging to your hearing. Keeping an eye on your ear health isn't just when using headphones. Avoid prolonged exposure to high-volume environments such as concerts, rock concerts or noisy workplaces. Give your ears some quiet downtime to relax and recover.


Don't forget to go for regular hearing checkups Oh, get a hearing physical. This will allow you to detect problems early and take prompt action. After all, we should always take care of our hearing health and make our ears feel pampered.

Helping others to understand this knowledge can reduce the risk of hearing damage.

Headphones should not only be comfortable to wear but they should also be kept clean, otherwise, they're a breeding ground for bacteria! Imagine a fungal otitis externa or a bacterial infection, it's a disaster for your ears! Be careful when sharing your headphones too, and don't forget about hygiene when sharing music with friends!  If you must share, keep some cleaning wipes or disinfectant spray on hand to clean your headphones regularly and keep them hygienic.

Protecting our hearing is the responsibility all of us, so let's enjoy our music and pay attention to our ear health at the same time. Wear and clean your headphones correctly, avoid prolonged exposure to high volume, and develop good listening habits so that our hearing babies will always be clear and healthy! Put on your headphones and enjoy the wonderful music journey!